U.S. Industrialist and billionaire Howard R. Hughes

U.S. Industrialist and billionaire Howard R. Hughes

Although almost all of the individuals in Howard Hughes’ inner circle, never actually met him, Meier not only met with him regularly but at one point was only one of five people allowed to see him. He was referred to in the press as Howard Hughes “right-hand man” and “the man to see about any of Howard Hughes operations”. President Richard Nixon’s brother, Don, testified to the Watergate committee that he viewed Meier as "the number-two man with Hughes" and the FBI reported that Meier was "the number one aide to Howard Hughes from the mid-1960's to the early 1970's". There is also information on John Meier in the Nevada State Museum of Las Vegas in the Material Collected about Howard Hughes Section.


Books relating to Howard Hughes that Meier appears in, include Hoax, which revealed him playing the key role in helping to expose Clifford Irving’s falsified autobiography of Hughes.


After knowing Hughes for around 15 years, Meier eventually resigned from working with Hughes directly in order to focus his attention on the environment, and created the Nevada Environmental Foundation. Although the Meier / Hughes relationship continued as Hughes was the one financing the Foundation.


Meier was the first person to expose the CIA's connection with the Hughes Organization and he was the only person to call for an investigation into the death of Howard Hughes.


A year after it was announced that Hughes had died Meier was able to obtain the secret Howard Hughes documents from Mexico (which even the CIA had not been able to get), by working with a Member of Canadian Parliament, John Reynolds, who obtained them from the Mexican Government because of his investigation into CIA activities in Canada.